Summer Camp Flight Deck 53

After the succes of last year there will be 2 new summer camps this summer! At the bottom of this page you can find an impression of what it looked like. The jump and sport camp is for kids from 7 to 15 years old. Apart from lots of trampoline jumping there will be a lot of other sports, games and workshops to keep the kids busy. Every day has a minimum of 1 jump clinic where you jump and learn tricks but there are also moments for free jumping. 

Information for the parents

The summer camp of Flight Deck 53 is a sporty and fun summer camp. Flight Camp 2020 is a day camp from 08:30 to 18:00. The kids will be divided into groups with 12 kids, 1 jumping instructor and crew member. The groups will be mixed and mostly based on the age of the kids. Of course exceptions can be made for siblings or friends who want to be in the same group. 


Along with trampoline jumping there will also be other activities for the kids. The following activities will be present in the summer camp: 

  • Swimming; 
  • Daily Jump Clinics; 
  • Skateboarding & Climbing; 
  • Streetdance workshop; 
  • Supping; 
  • Chill Out Zone with Games & Snacks; 
  • Party afternoon; 
  • Freestyle Jumping & Free-running; 
  • Bowling; 
  • Watching a movie; 
  • Glow in the dark midgetgolf 
  • Laser gaming; 
  • Self defence sport. 


Flight Deck 53 uses an app for the registrations of Flight Camp 2020. This is the easiest wat to register for Flight Camp 2020. Additionally, this is an easy way to get information. The app can be downloaded with the button below. 

Download the App


HipHop dans workshop tijdens Flight Camp zomer dagkamp van Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark Hilversum in de Clemenskerk
Superman kijkt naar het dans optreden tijdens Flight Camp bij Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark
Film kijken in de rijksmonumentale Clemenskerk tijdens Flight Camp bij Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark in Hilversum
Optreden tijdens de bonte middag van Flight Camp bij Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark in Hilversum
Flight Camp uitje van Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark in Hilversum naar het klimbos met Victor van Loenen