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Flight Deck 53

The best and most beautiful trampoline park in The Netherlands.

Come and jump, freerun, stunt and chill in the Clemenskerk in Hilversum! Flight Deck 53 is an ultra modern freestyle trampoline park where you and your friends, class mates, or colleagues can experience awesome jumping adventures. Book your jump session online and take flight on our air max trampolines, gladiator beam, foam pits, big air bag, tumbling deck, dunk deck and sports deck.

To jump at Flight Deck 53 you have to be 9 years or older. Are you 8 years old or younger? Then you can book a kids jumping session at set times in our park. Not only can you book individual jump sessions with us, we are a great venue for birthday parties, special events or school trips. We also offer jump and freerunning lessons in our Flight Deck Academy for those who want to master the art of flying. 

Take flight and boek je tickets online!

Wall Deck

We have 3 Air Max high performance trampolines located in front of our Wall Deck: professional gymnast trampolines where experienced jumpers can catch up to 8m of air. Do the wall walk or hang out with friends on top of our wall if you're able to jump up! Is the wall deck too high? Then grab a Bounce Board and practice your'e jumps and stunts in higher space.

Air Deck

Our Air Deck has a BigAirBag of 36m2, a professional freestyle stunt cushion filled with air. Perfect for practicing flips and stunts, as long as you are able to land on you back or bottom. We have 3 platforms at different heights and a trampoline next to our BigAirBag from which you can practice your acrobatic jumps.  

Dunk Deck

Have you always dreamed of slam dunking a basket ball....but you were just a little too small? Well we have good news for you! At our Dunk Deck we have mounted 2 hoops at different heights under our trampolines so that you can dunk that ball just like a professional NBA player! 

Gladiator Beam

In one of our 2 foam pits you can challenge your friends to a battle with our padded gladiator clubs. Last man standing on the balance beam wins!  

Sports Deck

Challenge your friends, colleagues or schoolmates to a game of dodgeball, volleyball or pana-air soccer on our multi-functional sports deck. Our court is large enough for 8 players.

Tumbling Deck

On our Main Deck we have 12 square trampolines lined up in 2 rows, these trampolines are flanked by a tumbling deck of 10m. The perfect place to practice your personal tumbling series of tumbles and twists.

Bounce Boards

Attach a Bounce Board to your feet and practice acrobatic air jumps and stunts  on our trampoline decks or foam pits. Great for snow and skateboarders to train with indoors. Once you have mastered your acrobatic jumps indoors you can show off your moves in the snow, in your neighborhood or at your favorite skate park.

Foam Deck

Under the arches of the Clemenskerk we have built 2 foam pits. The first is equipped with a gymnast balance beam, and the second with a jump platform. Challenge your friends to a gladiator balance battle, practice jumps with our bounce boards or start a foam block pillow fight between the pits! 

Café 53

Café 53 is the perfect hangout for parents and tired, thirsty, hungry jumpers to enjoy a drink or snack. Come and enjoy our fresh fruit smoothies, specialty coffee's, gourmet bagels, snacks and sandwiches. Equipped with free WiFi, and a self-service outdoor patio in the former Church yard, it's the place to take a rest or catch up on your emails.

All of our menu items can be bought online, right here on our site together with your jump session. That way you don't have to give your teen cash for beverages or snacks if they are planning to come to Flight Deck 53 without you. 

Kids Jump Hours (age <9)

Are your kids 8 years old, or younger? They are welcome to come and jump at Flight Deck 53 during our special kids jumping hours.

  • Wednesday: 12.00 to 15.00 hours
  • Friday: 12.00 to 15.00 hours
  • Saturday: 10.00 to 13.00 hours
  • Sunday: 10.00 to 12.00 hours 

Book our kids jumping hours, click here!

Academy Lessons

Do you want to improve your trampoline jumping skills? Then become a member of our Flight Deck Academy and join our beginners or advanced jumping lessons.

Our 75 minute classes take place on a weekly basis for a period of 10 weeks.

Space is limited! So registration takes place on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Minimum age for our teen lessons is 9.
  • Maximum age for our kids lessons is 8.
  • Maximum group size of 12.

For more information & reservations, come and visit us in person at the Clemenskerk, or call/mail us.

Call us at: 035 799 40 19

Mail us at:


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