Charlotte from the Flight Crew is in the Clemens Church every Wednesday and Friday morning to play games and do exercises with the toddlers on the trampolines. A toddler gym in the mornings is a great experience, especially in the beautiful Clemens church! As a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, babysitter or caregiver you are very welcome to join your toddler on the trampolines for jumping and playing. But if your toddler is having a lot of fun already, you can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a snack in Café 53.

In the Fall and Winter the Clemens church can be very chilly. Make sure that you have an extra set of warm clothing for the toddlers after jumping.

Peuters in de foampit tijdens Peutergym bij Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark in Hilversum
Peuter jump bij Flight Deck 53 trampolinepark in de Clemenskerk in Hilversum
Flight Crew Jacqueline Kouer en Charlotte Broers