Come jump with your class in the monumental Clemens church!

Sport orientation classes in high schools are very welcome at Flight Deck 53 trampoline park in Hilversum, located within the monumental Clemens church. The trampoline park has many ultra-modern trampolines and sport decks that will guarantee an inspiring, effective and fun addition to your sport orientation class. 

Sport orientation classes can do 1 hour of free jumping in the trampoline park and have the option of taking an additional jumpclinic. The purpose of a jumpclinic is to safely teach students how to do freestyle trampoline jumping. In the jumpclinics there is a focus on the basic techniques, as well as condition, balance, flexibility and coordination of students. 

In a jumpclinic of 1 hour the students will have 40 minutes of lessons/instructions and 20 minutes of free jumping. A jumpclinic is a good workout for experienced athletes as well as beginners. 

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Are you a physical education teacher or LO section-head at a high school with a sport orientation program and are you looking for a new and innovative addition for your SOK in the school year 2019-2020? Sign up for an introductory meeting and free jumpclinic!

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